Tuesday, October 3, 2023



It's a nice mid afternoon fall for Alleycat to walk around his ei. When the arroma hits the air of tasty burgers catch his felion attention. With the burgers in the air. it litery carrys off to the mr Pickels diner. the local burger joint that serves delisious burgers and fries. Ol Alley passing random people in the street. mostly strangers but a few people that shout his name. "Watch it wise guy! or...HEY!! im walking here! O ALLEYCAT what?! no manners?!. Alleycat doesnt responds with any apologizes only the fantasy that perfumes his brain of deliciousness what awaits. Imagine old fanshion looney tune animation and Alleycat resembles a steam boat willie like cat with a burger. When arriving around the corner to mr. Pickles diner. he finds that he is placed at the counter diner with a napkin tied around his neck and mouth water waitning. When reality hits that its alleycat actually sitting A burger awaits. when the plate is place infront of his face and his wide smile ear to ear appears saying silent grace. mr. pickels serious face stern places the plate he ask and points to the sign. cash only! alleycat wakes from reality head shakened. he pats and checks his cat pockets emptying out yo-yo, paper clips, (cough drop which he ates) recipts from cvs and a comb to his mouth as mustache. which he uses for disquise. with poor vision as Mr Pickles displaces. he writes off Alleycat as an important banker which he thinks free food would be placed on his good manners. leaving the plate to alley and ol alleycat tossing his comb behind his head. he starts to pepper up his fries and open burger. to which he sees a young starving cat staring from the window. which he then trys to eat. in mayformats even as much to cover his eyes to eat. he decides to give his food to the young cat. Alleycat makes good by giving the small cat his burger outside and for Mr. Pickles. Alleycat applied for a chef job. Unsertant that Mr Pickels will hire him. to his suprised. Mr Pickels need a chef cook to focus while he handles unsertant customers.
(EDITOR NOTE! This is just random vomit typing for practice )