Friday, January 10, 2020

posting friday...

Winding down the week to the weekend... As A Freelancer. i don't know what that means? I pretty much work all 7 days. Like the mail man bringing your mail. rather sun, rain or snow. Your making something for someone and getting it out there. waiting for proofs for comic covers and interior pages. between that and adding logos of the start. keeping busy. -ale

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Please allow me to excuse myself...

Returning 8 days back from the new year and new purpose. Ive haven't post on a Blog page in more then 6 plus years. Im wowed to see that BLOGGER is owned by google. Please allow me to excuse myself! Ive been away writing about my delaying post. More visual post via instagram and face book and sometimes Facebook. Socially still awkward in personal relationship as well as group function. My pops passed... Im still in the South side of Chicago. Not a problem? is it? Im more comfortable in expressing my art style to grow. what does that mean? im searching for new styles growth. Looking to work outside my group. Being able to grow. Working freelance is still an up and down world im learning. Comic relating growing in the last few years. Creating VIKING Ocean Marauders and DnD environment. The Element Factor is a game show for super heros in the mid 2000s. Fast forward towards the end of 2000s working overseas was the newest working with and awesome creator on her graphic novel open up doors of creating more outlets. Getting to complete a graphic novel to creating a sequel as well as a crossover meeting my creator own characters to meet. Being in the age of social media including growing audience adding on to crowdfunding was added. Able to use KICKSTARTER to the mix. more to post...

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

my past has came back to haunt?!

i spoke to an old coworker from this small agency on the phone today talkin about workin on something in the future. i board it and he animates.. anyways he brought up to my attention that i have art that i storyboard and art direct. art direct you say.. well i worked on 3 commericals here in Chicago. Nothing fancy!! but i was cool seeing my work pop up on television. I Promise it myself it wont be the last. So i saw that i didnt get mention on the link for my work. So im just reposting the 3 video commericals i worked on. Was it the best art i produce? Nope. Was it kick ass to see pictures being animated? of course. so anywhos here some stuff i did.