Monday, September 13, 2021

PROGRESS...alejandro aleroart as artist

Getting to a daily journal is a personal goal of mine. Hoping to get a self dept of my daily routine. I dont have the answer of explaining to anyone except myself. it helps others more power. Just me as a creative indiviudal. Starting my morning routine is to gather my thoughts for through out the day. Rather all works out or not. Try my best. Usually the night before i try to bullet point out at least 3 to 5 plans. i usually achive at least 2 plus not all. Creating art on the daily basic rather for logo to character design to even making comics. i feel fortunate to be able to create on the daily oppose the same gig day by day. Which ive done and fine with. it just means i got to create with wearing diffrent hats. I dont know what is to put in to as i journal but be again what is in the mind of ALEJANDRO. Getting more art related and feeling of my up and downs. Explaining so called IMPOSTER SYNDROME" Just not feeling it day to day. What i bring inhale and absorb. I like to think im neutrual and optiminstic person. im always trying to do my very best. Im 43 years old now and ive always been an artist since i could remember drawing on picture frames of family members. i cant think anything pass what i should do share and get others around it. get it?! good! -ale